Department of Pharmacology

Historical information

The Pharmacology Department of the National University of Pharmacy begins its history in 1924. For almost 90 years of its life, the Pharmacology Department  has become a recognized center of scientific and methodological work, the creation of new drugs. It is a supporting department – a methodical center for teaching pharmacology in 17 higher educational institutions of Ukraine, where future pharmacists are trained.

The staff of the department took part in the creation of about 50 drugs, 15 of which were allowed for industrial production (Flavin, Holosas using new technology, Polyphytochole, Antral, Thiotriazolin, Ventcol, Erisod, Rexod, Lioliv, Lipoflavon, Prostalad, Inflarax, etc.).

Over the past few years, 10 monographs, 10 methodological recommendations on the pharmacological study of drugs approved by the Ministry of Health of the USSR and Ukraine and about 100 methodological recommendations on the educational process have been published at the department. A set of new teaching materials (more than 15 titles) was issued in Ukrainian, Russian, English, French, Arabic languages, including “Medical Formulation”, “Pharmacology on the Palms”, “Pharmacology for Helping a Doctor, Pharmacist and Student”, “ Side effects of drugs “,” Pharmacology cito “,” Chronopharmacology “,” Medical toxicology “. An original educational photo album of modern medicines has been created.

Science prostate, anticonvulsant, cerebroprotective, psychotropic , proteprotektornyh, frigoprotektornyh, immunotropic funds. For research uses the base of the Central Research Laboratory and its own laboratory.

Head of Department:

• Professor, Academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences Alexander Ilyich Cherkes (1924-1939);

• Associate Professor M.V. Pervak ​​(1939-1941);

• Professor Maria Andreevna Angarskaya (1944-1952), Director of the Kharkiv Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Institute;

• Professor Vasily Ivanovich Sila (1952-1972);

• Professor, Honored Worker of Public Education of Ukraine, Professor Emeritus of the NUPh and Ternopil Medical University, expert of the International Association for the Exchange of Specialists China) Svetlana Metodievna Drogovoz (1971-2011), with long-term leadership of which the department’s achievements became the most significant;

• Professor Sergey Y. Shrygol (since 2011).

Currently, the department has 5 doctors and 13 candidates of medical, pharmaceutical and biological sciences. 100% of teachers have a scientific degree. Actively functioning scientific student society, graduate school and doctoral studies. Employees of the department and under their leadership defended about 20 doctoral and more than 50 Ph.D. theses; 12 theses are performed by citizens of Ukraine from other states.
The following disciplines are taught at the department: “Pharmacology”, “Pharmacology of biotechnological preparations”, “Pharmacology and medical prescription”, “Side effect of drugs” and “Basics of rational drug use”.

During the last year, the results of the research conducted by the staff of the department enabled publishing of 53 articles (25 articles in foreign journals, including 6 articles indexed in Scopus and Web of Sciences, 28 articles in Ukrainian professional journals), 46 thesis in the domestic conferences and 11 – in foreign ones.
Summary of h-indices of the staff: 17.
Summary of documents indexed in Scopus: 123.
Summary of citations: 85.
The members of the department took part in 37 scientific and practical events of various levels.
During the last year, 8 patents of Ukraine were received.
3 official newsletters of Ukrmedpatentinform were published.
The number of scientific publications in NUPh electronic archive is 717.
Postgraduate training is carried out: during the last year 3 dissertations were defended and diplomas received, two postgraduate students and one doctorate applicant continue their studies, the studies of two doctoral students were accomplished and are being prepared for the defence.
14 applicants of higher education are the members of the student scientific society actively participating in scientific activities.

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