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Contest on pharmacology 2015

Contest on pharmacology took place on the 24th of February. 23 native and 9 foreign students participated in the competition. Winners among the native students are: Gordiy Karina (SSE-5) – 9.4 points, Nikolaenko Elena (SSE-5) – 8.8 points and Korobkova Galina (SSE-1) – 8.4 points. Among the foreign students the winners are: Nibal Sabra (group No 4, English speaking) – 8.4 points, Ikhlas Hijazi (group No 4, English speaking) – 7.85 points and Umarov Ulugbek (CIS-4, Russian speaking) – 6.85 points.

It is the 4th consecutive year that contest is held for the English-speaking students, confirming that students of the Faculty of foreign citizens education have high standard of knowledge. Thus, Nibal Sabra scored 8.4points, sharing the 3rd place among 32 participants of the contest.

Teachers of the Department of Pharmacology congratulate all the participants, and especially the winners!
We greatly appreciate your knowledge!


Олимпиада по фармакологии 2015

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